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S C E N I C   S I G H T S


Templer's Park
This gazetted national forest dominates the eastern end of the LATAR Expressway, leading up to the eponymous interchange. It is part of Taman Negeri Selangor (Selangor State Park), which is the third largest state park in Peninsular Malaysia after Taman Negara and the Royal Belum State Park.

Taman Rimba Komanwel
The Commonwealth Forest Park forms part of the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve and was launched in 1993 to commemorate the 14th Commonwealth Forest Conference. This park covers 260 hectares and encompasses luxuriant jungle, hiking trails, camping grounds, an equestrian centre and chalets which are available for rent. It also offers other outdoor activities, such as mountain biking and paintball.

Six Golf Courses

  1. Templer Park Country Club
    The most well known golf club to be found on the LATAR Expressway, Templer Park Country Club (TPCC) is located in Templer's Park itself. Jumbo Ozaki and Kentaro Sato - a famous Japanese golfer and an architect respectively - designed the course which has played host to all major amateur tournaments. The Malaysian Open has also been held at TPCC on three occasions. An outstanding feature of the course is Bukit Takun, the famed limestone hill which dominates the scenery.
    Address: KM 21, Jalan Rawang, 48000 Rawang, Selangor. Tel: +603 6091 961

  2. Perangsang Templer Golf Club
    Located in the Templer Park Resort in Rawang, this 18-hole course may not be as famous as the TPCC, but it holds its own amongst the golfing community, especially down those narrow fairways. Surrounded by jungle and hills, boasting a large clubhouse, this course offers golfers the chance to improve their game and enjoy a day out away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    Address: 1, Templer Park Resort, 48000 Rawang, Selangor. Tel: +603 6091 0022

  3. Royal Kampung Kuantan Golf Resort
    The Royal Kampung Kuantan Golf Club (RKKGC) was founded in 1910 by British planters who managed the estates in the Kuala Selangor district. This Bukit Rotan course is the oldest one in Selangor and one of the oldest in the country. Initially situated in Kampung Kuantan itself, it has since moved to its present site. This par-68, 9-hole walking course has a pleasant clubhouse which was built in the 1920s. It features typical colonial architecture from that era.
    Address: Jalan Kelab, 45700 Kuala Selangor. Tel: +603 3289 1069

  4. Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club
    This 27-hole golf course was built as part of a residential development in Bandar Tasik Puteri in the North Klang Valley; comprising the townships of Rawang, Batu Arang, Kuang and Kundang. The course is now one of the largest in the Klang Valley and also features a 24-bay driving range, a swimming pool and full club facilities.
    Address: Bandar Tasik Puteri, 48000 Rawang, Selangor. Tel: +603 6034 4721/2

  5. Kundang Lakes Country Club
    This Australian-designed golf course is in Rawang. It comprises the Kundang Nine, which is considered easier to play; and the Lake Nine where water is the main feature and is therefore more challenging. Other facilities to be enjoyed include a restaurant, tennis courts and a swimming complex.
    Address: KM 28, Jalan Kundang, 48020 Rawang, Selangor. Tel: +603 6034 2725/28

  6. Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia
    The Bukit Rahman golf course in Sungai Buloh covers over 279 acres of land. Space is certainly not an issue here. This 36-hole par-72 course has been designed to test golfers of all standards with its undulating and hilly landscape, and an abundance of water features. This is one of the better known and popular courses in the area.
    Address: Jalan BRP 2/1, Bukit Rahman Putra, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor. Tel: +603 6156 6870

Bukit Melawati

Bukit Melawati, also known as Bukit Selangor, nestles a little north of Kuala Selangor, overlooking the Straits of Malacca. Here a famous 19th century fort once played an important role in the turbulent history of the state. The Dutch named it Fortress Altingsburg in honour of the ruling Dutch Governor General Alting. But the ensuing Selangor Civil War over the lucrative tin trade from 1867 to 1873 eventually destroyed the fort. The war ultimately ended with the intervention of the British Resident on behalf of certain Malay rulers.

Golden Monkeys

Beyond the verdant greenery and panoramic views across the Straits, Bukit Melawati showcases its famous residents troupes of Silver Leaf monkeys and Long Tailed macaques.

The gentler Silver Leaf are often seen perched on branches of the large Angsana trees, which line the small road which meanders up the hill.  These monkeys are dark with striking grey (silver) markings, but their offspring are a vivid orange colour, colloquially known as golden monkeys.  You can buy treats for the monkeys, who are more than willing to come up close to have a snack!



There are three species of native eagles in Kuala Selangor. The Brahminy Kite (also known as the Red-Backed Sea Eagle) is the most common; the Crested Serpent Eagle and the rarest of the three, the White-bellied Sea Eagle.

Homestays, Sg Sireh
To get a real feel for Kuala Selangor and the surrounding rural areas, agricultural tourism offers an excellent travel experience. Homestays also provide a way to soak in the local culture.
One of the most famous and well-established agro tourism destinations is at Sungai Sireh, located near Tanjong Karang towards the town of Sekinchan. Here you will stay with a host family, wake up to the crow of a rooster, visit paddy fields, fruit orchards, oil palm plantations and vegetable farms; generally being revitalised by village life.


The fireflies actually thrive seven kilometres west of Kuala Selangor in Kampung Kuantan. Visitors usually head to the local jetty to catch a boat, often a sampan (rowboat). Alternatively, larger speedboats are available though they can be loud and intrusive.





Kundang Lake - Blue Lagoon
Once an abandoned tin mine, but Kundang Lake has been transformed into a recreational playground especially for watersports, 4WD and angling enthusiasts. It's a good picnic spot too.

Seafood Restaurants
Restaurants are located either on the main street of Pasir Penambang or on the riverfront. Locals like to say that there are restaurants for the tourists and restaurants for them. Kuala Sungai Seafood Restaurant is well worth a visit. Providing a great view of the river, this restaurant sits on the bank with its main dining area propped on stilts above the water.